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Largest shopping mall with Cache store: Tysons Corner Center 

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Caché, the brand of upscale women's clothing, celebrated its 40th birthday... And went bankrupt and closed all its stores. Nevertheless it seems that this brand is not over and in the future it should again to restore its glory by its new owner, The Cato Corporation. But this change was preceded by quite interesting and long history of the brand. Caché was founded in 1975 and focused on high-end apparel from the US and European vendors, offering customers well-made, trendy day and evening wear. The brand gave great emphasis also on the design of its stores and excellent service - which had lasted until its bankruptcy. Brand history is like riding a roller coaster, for example, in the early '80s Caché experienced a significant decline in sales, but 10 years later it was on top again. Caché stores were located primarily in upscale shopping malls and except clothes for each day it also offered clothes for both special occasions, such as proms and weddings, and dressy day wear. And millions of women loved it. Hopefully it will experience the same popularity under the new owner.

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Caché founded: 1975
All Caché stores have closed (2015)