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Largest shopping mall with CVS / Pharmacy store: The Mall at Rockingham Park 

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CVS Health is an American health care company, which you may know under the name CVS Caremark Corporation. It was founded in 1922, but until 1996 it bore the name Melville Corporation. Currently it is the largest pharmacy health care provider in the US. In addition to nearly 8,000 retail pharmacies, the company also operates 900 walk-in medical clinics. The most important part of the company is brand CVS Pharmacy - under this name are operated almost 8,000 pharmacies in 49 US states. It is interesting that these pharmacies generate 68% revenue on the pharmaceutical marketplace. CVS Pharmacy offers the opportunity to enter their loyalty program, which use already over 70 million people! In 2014, the CVS company was ranked 35th in the ranking of the Fortune Global 500 List of the world's largest companies (in the US CVS took 12th place).

Brands: CVS Pharmacy, CVS Caremark, CVS Minute Clinic, CVS Specialty

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CVS founded: 1922 as Melville Corporation
Store locations: more than 7,800 pharmacies and 900 walk-in medical clinics
CVS operates in 46 states of United States, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico.