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Dippin’ Dots stores locations in database: 77
Largest shopping mall with Dippin’ Dots store: Woodland Hills Mall 

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Dippin Dots is fantastic ice cream delicacy which is since 1988 loved not only by children but also adults in the United States and 15 other countries worldwide. The founder of this brand is Curt Jones, who began developing his business in the garage of his parents. Within a few years he created a phenomenon for which even 100 times larger spaces were not enough. In 1992 he had patented his invention - even so, he didn´t avoid attempts of competition to copy his idea and make a fortune on it. Desserts Dippin Dots are specific in that they need to be kept at a temperature of less than -40 ° F (-40 ° C). That is why this goodness cannot be found in stores but you have to go for it to the stadiums, shopping malls, theme parks and arenas. Anyway, it surely pays. Dipping Dots offers so many different variations and flavors that every time you can taste something new. You can choose from three basic categories: Original Dots, Dots Treats and Dot Monster Munch. Original Dots offers plenty of flavors - from strawberry and vanilla through chocolate, cotton candy and mint chocolate to Sour Blue Razz or Rainbow Ice. On the Dot Treats offer you can find Dot Sundae or Dot Shakes and Dot Monster Munch hides specific flavors and combinations. Motto, which is quite fitting, is: Ice Cream of the Future.

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The Dippin Dots founded: 1988
Store locations: 1,700
The Dippin Dots operates in United States, Canada and other 14 countries.