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HomeSense stores locations in database: 15
Largest shopping mall with HomeSense store: Lansdowne Centre 

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If you long for off-price home furnishing, and you live in Canada or Great Britain, you are lucky - in these countries are together over 100 stores of HomeSense brand, which falls under the TJX Companies. (If you live in the United States, don´t be in despair - HomeSense is similar to HomeGoods in the US). At HomeSense, which specializes in furnishing, you can find a wide variety of goods from low end to name brands. The big advantages are favorable prices - HomeSense may offer goods for really really low prices because the goods have sometimes some minor defects. In addition to that, it offers also furnishing in excellent condition. Despite HomeSense has a good position on retail market, the brand didn´t rest on its laurels and is constantly trying to provide its customers something new - whether it is a new brand website or refurbishments of stores. The interesting thing is that in survey among customers, which was accomplished in 2009, these customers responded that they are satisfied with HomeSense to 100%. Well, which other brand can boast of such marking? HomeSense is currently one of the largest home and gifts retailers in Europe. As part of its activities in Europe, HomeSense is moreover also involved in charity and is a partner of homeless charity Emmaus.

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HomeSense founded: 2011
Store locations: 120
HomeSense operates in Canada and United Kingdom.