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Largest shopping mall with Ace Hardware store: 4S Commons Town Center 

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In 1924 five independent hardware store owners founded brand Ace Hardware - their aim was to combine their mutual know-how and increase their buying power in the market. The idea was clearly successful because after almost 100 years of its existence, Ace Hardware has grown into the industry's largest hardware cooperative on the planet. The name of the company was given by the ace fighter pilots of World War I who were able to overcome all odds. In 1990, Ace Hardware has grown to international proportions, although its part in the global business brand had since 1968. In 1996, Ace Hardware expanded into Asia, and signed the first contract in the Philippines and Indonesia. Also 2006 was a significant year, when it was opened a large distribution warehouse in Shanghai, China. Since then Ace Hardware is still expanding its retail network and builds business contacts in more and more countries around the world. Nowadays you can visit one of more than 4,600 stores of the brand worldwide and you can buy everything you need to maintain your home and when you need something to fix.

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The Ace Hardware founded: 1924
Store locations: about 4,600
The Ace Hardware operates in more than 60 countries all around the world.