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The lingerie brand Aerie falls under the renowned American brand American Eagle Outfitters (AEO), together with brands Martin + Osa and 77kids. Aerie is a new brand, founded less than a decade ago. The target groups of this brand are women aged 15 to 25 years, for which Aerie offers a wide collection of bras and lingerie, as well as sleepwear, dorm wear, active apparel and loungewear. Aerie brand was introduced as the first AEO sub-brand and its first store was opened in Greenville, South Carolina in August 2006. Aerie clothes can be bought in three ways: either in one of nearly 150 independent stores, in shop-in-shop in AEO stores or through their website. Aerie is from 2014 also known for its campaign "Aerie Real" that features models of various sizes, along with their beauty marks and tattoos.

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Aerie founded: 2006
Store locations: 148 stand-alone stores
Aerie operates its own stores in US and Canada. Aerie´s shops-in-shops in AEO are in Canada, United States, China, Honk Kong, Mexico and United Kingdom.