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Aldo stores locations in database: 548
Largest shopping mall with Aldo store: Westfield Valley Fair 

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Aldo Group is a private Canadian company and Aldo Shoes, the popular brand of shoes and accessories, falls under it. Except Aldo, in the portfolio of Aldo Group are about 24 brands, for example Call It Spring, Locale, Weekenders or Floyd. Aldo was founded in 1972 by Aldo Bensadoun and it was located inside the popular clothing retailer in Montreal - besides it Aldo had another three concession licenses in Ottawa, Winnipeg and Quebec. About 6 years later Aldo opened the first stand-alone store in Montreal. During the 80´s Aldo successfully grows and opens nearly 100 branches. In 1993, Aldo entered the US market and by the end of 2002 Aldo opened there 125 stores. In following years Aldo expanded into other countries, first to Israel, Saudi Arabia, the United Kingdom and Singapore. Since then, every year Aldo opens new and new stores in other countries. Currently, Aldo is one of the most successful shoe brands in the world. Core values of Aldo are high quality, new trends and availability of the widest range of goods. This authentic lifestyle brand is known for its positive attitude and open communication. Aldo keeps three rules: love, integrity and respect. Aldo observes these rules not only in the relation to customers, but also in the approach to its employees. If you also want to make yourself happy with Aldo shoes or accessories, visit any of more than 1,700 stores worldwide or shop through their websites.

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Aldo founded: 1972
Store locations: more than 1,700
Aldo operates in 84 countries all around the world.