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Largest shopping mall with Anna's Linens store: The Shops at White Oak Village 

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Anna's Linens is American favorite brand of textile and home goods. The first store of this name was opened in 1987 in Los Angeles by Alan Gladstone and was named after his mother. Although in the early 90s the company was on the verge of bankruptcy due to the poor economic situation, in December 1994 the situation improved, and the company began to develop until today form. Anna's Linens stores can be found currently in 20 US states and since 2012 also in Puerto Rico. The main customers of the company are primarily Hispanics and African Americans. The main idea of this company, which is still family-run business, is to provide their customers 100% satisfaction with all the goods that the company sells - in the spirit of "Just the way Mom would have wanted it."

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Anna's Linens founded: 1987
Store locations: about 300
Anna's Linens operates in 20 states of US and in Puerto Rico.