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Ardene stores locations in database: 209
Largest shopping mall with Ardene store: White Oaks Mall Ontario 

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Ardène, the popular brand also known as Ardene, based in Canadian Montreal. Primarily, the brand is specialized in ear piercing, but its broad portfolio includes everything from jewelry, clothing (socks, sweaters, dresses) to handbags or shoes. Originally, the company, founded more than thirty years ago, started out as a fashion accessory and jewelry store. Since then, this brand has become one of Canada's premier fashion retailers. One of the main ideas that the company holds, is "you need to look great, but you still should have in your pocket enough money to enjoy fun." Goods from Ardene are affordable and that's why thousands of women fell in love with it - and not only in Canada, but with the ability to purchase on their websites also women from around the world.

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Ardene founded: 1982
Store locations: more than 400
Ardene operates in Canada´s three territories and ten provinces and sells also on their website.