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Aritzia stores locations in database: 43
Largest shopping mall with Aritzia store: Fairview Mall 

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An innovative women´s brand that cherishes and attracts for perfect design and first-class quality – yes, exactly this is Aritzia. This brand was founded in 1984 and at its start, it was only one small boutique in Vancouver. During its development, Aritzia has become one of the leading brands on the market with fashion for women aged 14 to 30. What is hidden beside the fact that Aritzia is one of the most popular fashion brands? It´s a mix of many features – among them is unparalleled customer service, perfect quality of goods and providing great personal shopping experience. What´s more, Aritzia perfectly merges a distinct shopping experience with a lifestyle magazine that showcases original editorial content using social media. Enjoy shopping in Aritzia in one of its 75 boutiques or via its website!

Brands: Le Fou, Sunday Best, TNA, The Castings, Talula, Paradise Mine, Sixeleven, Wilfred, Wilfred Free, Babaton, Community, Auxiliary and La Notte.

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Aritzia founded: 1984
Store locations: 75
Aritzia operates in United States and Canada.