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AT&T stores locations in database: 758
Largest shopping mall with AT&T store: The Mall in Columbia 

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AT&T is an abbreviation, which knows almost every American. If we wanted to look at its sense, it means the American Telephone and Telegraph. It was founded already in 1885 and at one time it was even the largest telephone company in the world with the largest cable network. Originally, the company had to serve as a nationwide telephone network for the US and its activity began in New York. Afterwards it expanded to Chicago and in 1915 also to San Francisco. In 1927 was created a transatlantic link which used a radio. Only in 1957 was created the cable connection. In 1982, AT&T has been recognized by the US Department of Justice as the monopoly on its area; as a result of that 7 regional companies separated and became neutral. From the laboratories of AT&T originate UNIX operating system and languages C and C++. As well AT&T was the first company in the world which started to sell mobile phone iPhone from Apple on 20th June 2007. In 2015, the company AT&T was announced by Fortune magazine as the No. 1 telecommunications company.

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ATT founded: 1885