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Largest shopping mall with Aveda store: Natick Mall 

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When it is said Aveda, those, who are in the know, recall the name of Horst Rechelbacher - and vice versa. The man is the founder of Aveda which was established in 1978 and the inspiration for him was his trip to India in 1970. There he met with ayurveda and thought that this philosophy could transfer overseas. And the idea was definitely good. The first introduced product was a clove shampoo, which he concocted in his kitchen - his beginnings were indeed humble. However, by a long-diligence Aveda draw up so high that since 1997 it is currently part of the Estée Lauder Companies Inc. As one of the first companies Aveda began focus on the observance of environmental responsibility in business (known as The Ceres Principles). Now Aveda offers natural and organic products, both for skin and hair care. In addition to standard sales to customers, Aveda has many partners in the form of salons and spas that use Aveda products. In addition, Aveda consistently cares about the education of its employees and other workers in the field of cosmetics and operates a number of institutes for cosmetology education.

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The Aveda founded: 1978
The Aveda operates in United States and 39 other countries all around the world.