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Avenue stores locations in database: 47
Largest shopping mall with Avenue store: Newburgh Mall 

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All women, who wear large sizes, have a liking for the Avenue brand. It is offering a fashion primarily for women aged 25 to 55 years who have dress size 14 and larger. It was originally founded as a brand Sizes Unlimited in 1983, when its goal was to offer customers quality and fashionable clothes in sizes from 14 to 32. Since then the brand has increased markedly, but its mission remains the same – Avenue devotes to its customers with the utmost care and kindliness. Every season the Avenue introduces a new collection that is different from the classic plus-size clothing because of its fashionable style and attractive designs. In addition to clothing, Avenue also offers the opportunity to buy a footwear and jewelry, and of course there is the possibility to shop through their website. From website you can order goods to nine other countries around the world, e.g. Spain, Canada or United Kingdom.

Facebook pagewww.facebook.com/MyAvenue
Official Avenue pagewww.avenue.com

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Avenue founded: 1983 as the Sizes Unlimited
Store locations: about 300
Avenue operates in 37 states of United States.