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In modern countries all around the world, there is probably no woman who wouldn´t know the brand Avon. It was founded in 1886, so it is literally a pioneer in selling not only women's cosmetics. The brand was found by David H. McConnell, originally a traveling book salesman. He found out that women are more interested in samples of perfume which he gave free inside his sold books, not the book itself. At the same time he found out that women are often alone at home, bored and have nothing to do. So he came up with the idea to recruit female sales representatives. McConnell believed that women can build a network through personal contact with other women and he was right - it didn´t took a long time and McConnell left the field of books and launched into selling women's cosmetics. Regarding this more than 100 years old story, Avon become worldwide synonymous not only for a successful company, but also for quality products for women and men. At present, the annual income of Avon is bigger than $ 9 billion and its products are offered by over 6 million sales representatives (Avon Ladies and Avon Gentlemen) worldwide. The portfolio Avon includes decorative, facial and body cosmetics, fragrance, fashion and home accessories and decorations. Avon is the company for women, which cares not only of their beauty, but which strives to improve their living conditions, health and social status. With Avon are associated names of famous people from the world of theater, film, popular music, modeling and sports. Avon is a leader in the development of new technologies. The Research and Development Center based in New York ranks among the leading centers in the cosmetics industry because of the number of news. For the purposes of proving the safety of its products, Avon doesn´t test on animals. At Avon, beauty means finding the right lipstick shade for a customer; providing an earnings opportunity so a woman can support her family; and enabling a woman to get her first mammogram. Just the fight against breast cancer and enlightenment about this disease is one of the other activities of Avon and around the world millions of women involve with these campaigns.

Brands: Anew, Far Away, Naturals, Planet Spa, Skin So Soft, Untouchable and 19 others.

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Avon founded: 1886
Avon operates all around the world and has more than 6 million sales reps.