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Big Lots stores locations in database: 34
Largest shopping mall with Big Lots store: Holiday Village Mall  

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Whether you need housewares, small electronics, furniture, clothing, toys or food and beverages, all without any problem can be found in Big Lots. This chain of department stores was founded in 1967 when Sol Shenk formed Consolidated Stores Corporation in Ohio. About 15 years later it was opened the first closeout store of the corporation, called Odd Lots. Describing the lengthy history of the corporation, which is marked by a series of purchases and sales of various companies throughout the United States, isn´t really interesting story? Rather, let's say, why it pays to visit Big Lots. Definitely it is often incredibly low prices, which attract each day to Big Lots thousands of people. But beware - when you hear about some of the really fantastic discounts is a high probability that the goods will be already sold out. It pays to really keep an eye on various fliers and coupons, and know when to go to Big Lots for the cheapest, but quality goods.

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The Big Lots founded: 1967
Store locations: 1,500
The Big Lots operates in 48 states of United States.