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Billabong was founded in the Gold Coast in Australia in 1973. The founder of Billabong was surfer Gordon Merchant with his best friend. The beginnings of surfboards were not easy - surfboards were projected at home; the production wasn´t really professional and sawing was in motion at the kitchen table. After endless effort to produce the first surfboards, these handmade products were loaded into the car and Merchant tried to offer them to local surf retailers. The next step for the future development of Billabong was to introduce products to better local Australian surfers to promote them in sponsored competitions and special events - it would help Billabong to become known in the Australian significant surfing community. And it paid off. Around 1990, Billabong is known as big surf brand all around the world. Billabong has started to focus on other board sports and thus expanded in skateboarding, snowboard and streetwear fashion. Billabong has maintained its brand integrity and steadily grown its commitment to the global board sports sector by sponsoring riders and promotional events... Thanks to observance of fundamental values, Billabong has enabled to achieve many goals, including the cosmopolitan extension and increasing availability of products worldwide. The slogan of the founders has always been "Only a surfer knows the feeling!".

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Billabong founded: 1973
Billabong operates in many countries all around the world and on all continents.