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Largest shopping mall with Call It Spring store: Dolphin Mall 

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No one has enough shoes and everyone loves them! It is one of the reasons why so many brands are so successful in this kind of fashion industry. Equally successful is originally a Canadian brand Call It Spring, which was founded in 1991. In addition to shoes for men and women Call It Spring has in its offer also various accessories including the popular handbags. Call It Spring brand falls under the Aldo Group - a company that owns 23 other brands, including Locale, Max Comfort, New Weekenders or K Studio. Originally Call It Spring was called Transit and the stores of the brand were only in Canada. In 2008, the brand was renamed to its present form, and it begun to open Call It Spring stores in the US as well as all around the world. These stores are located mainly in large shopping malls and shopping centers. Call It Spring is eternally youthful and charismatic, whether it's in its shoes or its online presence. The brand is also popular because of the well worked-out design of its stores. Store concept mixes sleek contemporary materials, attractive textures and eye-catching colors to create a playful and inspiring environment for its customer. 

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Call It Spring founded: 1991
Store locations: more than 900
Call It Spring operates in 25 countries worldwide.