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Largest shopping mall with Carhartt store: Legacy Place 

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Hard at Work Since 1889 - and it's motto of Carhartt, company with really long history. Only a few brands can boast that their founder was born in 1855. Hamilton Carhartt, an example of the enterprising American, founded the company which specializes in producing work clothes already in 1889. What was his goal? Create a brand to which everyone would have look up to. A brand appreciated for quality, durability and versatility. Hamilton Carhartt himself said: "I believe that if a man wears product made by myself, his self-respect rises, because he knows it was made by an honest manufacturer that is fair to his employees." Because brand Carhartt is still owned by the family descendants of Hamilton Carhartt, all products of this brand are manufactured with the same basic principles like at the end of the 19th century - with honesty and quality. Carhartt sponsors many activities, from the recording studio Combination Records to Rugged magazine focusing on design, street and sport. Carhartt produces and distributes clothing for some American universities, for example Iowa State University, University of Georgia, University of Alabama etc. An interesting collection is "1889", referring to the origin label Carhartt in working clothes. On the world market label Carhartt is unique object, combining tradition and street style. It´s not always true that the long tradition is a guarantee of quality. But for brand Carhartt it´s really true!

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The Carhartt founded: 1889
Store locations: 28 (and many distributors)
The Carhartt operates mainly in United States and partly in Europe and Canada.