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Catherines stores locations in database: 67
Largest shopping mall with Catherines store: The Commons - Federal Way 

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Nowadays thick and obese women do not have any problem with finding the size of their clothes which fit them and at the same time look chic and trendy. But not always it had been true! In 1960, long before than a fashion boutiques with clothes for thick women were in every shopping mall, Catherine Weaver opened her store in Memphis. She herself needed to wear a clothing of larger size, so she knew exactly what plump women need and what they want. Her aim was to provide fleshy women confidence and style and get them to feel beautiful and sexy. And the idea was certainly not bad - business began to prosper greatly. Today Catherines has more than 400 stores throughout the United States and via the website it sends goods to other countries. In the Catherines offer you can find clothes that adhere to the latest fashion trends and is available in sizes 16W-34W and 0X-5X. Catherines is much more than just a clothing store. It also makes efforts to promote women's self-confidence and to align women aren´t satisfied with their body – and want to change it and look chic. Major motto of Catherines is "We Fit You Beautifully."

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The Catherines founded: 1960
Store locations: 400+
The Catherines operates in 44 states of United States.