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Charming Charlie stores locations in database: 192
Largest shopping mall with Charming Charlie store: Westfield North County Shopping Centre 

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Charming Charlie is utterly women's brand that focuses on women apparel, wallets, handbags, jewelry, shoes, scarves - in general, on all accessories. It is a relatively young brand, founded in 2004 in Houston, Texas, by a Thai-American businessman Charlie Chanaratsopon. Since its founding, Charming Charlie keeps one and the same motto: Help every woman, everywhere, find her fabulous. The brand makes no secret of their love for colors, by which you can find clearly in a flood of hundreds of stores the Charming Charlie one's. Charming Charlie put emphasis on the choice of its staff and to offer their customers maximum care and guidance during shopping. In addition to more than 340 Charming Charlie store locations throughout the United States and Canada, you can also shop through their design-perfect website - it offers even the function of selecting goods according to their color. It is just right for every woman!

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Charming Charlie founded: 2004
Store locations: 340
Charming Charlie operates in 41 states of United States and in two Canadian provinces – Ontario and British Columbia.