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For more than 30 years, the brand Coldwater Creek mix with the US market with fashion and focuses only on women's clothing and accessories. Currently it is possible to buy apparel from the brand through its website, but previously it was not the only way. The brand was founded in 1984 by Dennis and Ann Pence and sold its clothes through catalogs and more than 350 stores. It focused primarily on the clothes from previous seasons for greatly lower prices. The company was successful nevertheless in early summer 2014 it announced bankruptcy and closed all stores. Coldwater Creek subsequently became the property of the CWC Direct LLC and began to sell its products only through its website. And it works great so the brand has no reason for change. Coldwater Creek strives to combine the three basic rules: to use high-quality materials and to process them properly, to offer trendy clothing for women according to current trends, in which they will feel good and take care of their customers with the utmost care and using all their strengths. The combination of these three rules and their fulfillment results in a huge popularity of Coldwater Creek and its success in the women's clothing market.

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Coldwater Creek founded: 1984
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