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Largest shopping mall with Cole Haan store: San Marcos Premium Outlets 

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Cole Haan´s roots date back to 1928, when the company began producing leather men's shoes. Its name is a connection of surnames of the two founders, which were Trafton Cole and Eddie Haan. Originally it focused only on men but since 1975 it has extended its offer of shoes and handbags for women. In 1988, Nike bought the brand and in 2012 sold it to the company Apax Partners. Today the brand expanded its range of women's collections and also belts, bags, handbags, gloves, hats or sunglasses. Quality, spirit and timelessness, however, remained. Individual pieces of Cole Haan clothing boast high-quality material, wonderful decorations and minimalist details, which are a guarantee of uniqueness and exceptionality. Cole Haan stores can be found worldwide, in California, Hawaii and Texas as well as in Japan and its unmistakable and always original store windows full of wood, moss and branches will also be accompanied by walking throughout New York City. Cole Haan products are of course also available in various retail chains such as Macy´s, Neiman Marcus and Nordstrom. Unfortunately, the only disadvantage is that its own online store sends goods only to the United States and Canada. There is therefore nothing else than to buy in the mentioned chains or online or to make the journey across the ocean for your dream shoes or purse.

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The Cole Haan founded: 1928
Store locations: about 100
The Cole Haan operates all around the world except Australia and Ocenia.