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Deb Shops was a specialty retail chain store in the United States, which was focused primarily on women's and girls´ clothing and various accessories, not only under its own brand but also under other brand names. Deb Shops was mainly focused on plus size clothing and junior clothing. The first store, from which the brand was developed later, was opened in Philadelphia in 1932, was named JOY Hosiery and was founded by Philip Rounick and Aaron Weiner. It sold hosiery and lingerie. The company had experienced the heyday in the fifties; twenty years later it was renamed on Deb Shops and began to open their stores in large shopping centers. At the end of 2014, the company filed for bankruptcy, in January 2015 announced that it will close their stores and the complete closing of all stores passed off on March 30. 

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Deb founded: 1932
Deb defunct: 30th March 2015
Deb operated more than 330 across 42 states in US.