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DELiA*s brand has existed since 1993 and initially it was focused on fashion for young girls and women aged 10 to 24 years – now the target group is aged between 13 and 19. The most frequent customers were mostly girls studying at college because assortment DELiA*s perfectly match the style of the fashion college in the '90s. DELiA*s was founded in 1993by two graduates of Yale University. Because both studied at college, they knew what was really worn and what they have to offer to their customers. And it really paid off and soon they began to achieve favorable profits. At the turn of the millennium DELiA*s sold its clothing through website, as well as stores and by catalogs. Unfortunately, the crisis didn´t avoid the company and in 2014 the brand was forced to declare bankruptcy. Fortunately in the second half of 2015 DELiA*s began its new age, even if only as an online store. Now in DELiA*s offer is possible to find all clothes you can think of - from shorts and tees through the blazers, jackets and pants to skirts and bottoms. As well as shoes, boots, cosmetics, accessories and room furnishing too. Currently, DELiA*s is only based on online sales and provides service 24/7 to anyone who wants quality fashion in which will always look and feel chic and youthful.

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The DELiA*s founded: 1993
The DELiA*s ships to United States.