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Largest shopping mall with Diesel store: The Mall at Millenia 

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The Italian fashion company Diesel has been mixing with the fashion industry since 1978. It focuses not only on design, but also on the production of clothing, especially for the younger ages. When it is said jeans, the majority of people imagine jeans, which are the flagship of the brand. Diesel was founded by Renzo Rosso in a small village in northern Italy, and three years later it started selling clothes across the borders of Italy. In 1989, the brand began to offer the first Diesel clothing for women, and 7 years later it was finally opened the first Diesel store. Since then the company has expanded to its present form and now it operates stores in more than 60 countries worldwide. Diesel is considered one of the best and most famous European manufacturers of jeans and other clothing. It focuses on jeans for adults, but manufactures also for teenagers, children, and the elderly too. Apart from jeans under the brand Diesel are sold sunglasses, shoes, bags, and other leather goods, perfumes and cosmetics. Diesel has also its own "brands": DieselStyleLab - is focused on clients from the higher income group, 55-DSL – is sports brand. Diesel is also one of the first companies whose clothes are featured in video games, which was confirmed in December 2008 by marketing partnership with Sony Computer Entertainment Europe.

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Diesel founded: 1978
Diesel operates in 65 countries all around the world.