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Dollarama is now undoubtedly the largest Canadian retailer of goods which costs 3 $ or less. The first store was opened in 1992 in Matane, Quebec, and all the goods, which was sold there, cost only 1 $. Dollarama was founded by Larry Rossy, who continued in the tradition of his grandfather and father, who had their own stores called S. Rossy. Dollarama began to gradually take over these stores, thanks which it quickly spread throughout Canada. Year after year more new stores have been added and the warehouse facility in Montreal has increased with them. In 2009, the Dollarama introduced three new pricing concepts - 1.25 $, 1.50 $ and 2 $. In the same year brand Dollarama went public. In later years, Dollarama introduced two new pricing concepts, 2.50 $ and 3 $and Dollarama have continued in opening new branches - in 2016 it already had over 900 stores in 10 Canadian provinces. These stores can be found in convenient locations, including metropolitan areas, mid-sized cities and small towns. And there is not the week during which Dollarama would not open another store. Maybe the next one will be just in your city...

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Dollarama founded: 1992
Store locations: 900
Dollarama operates only in Canada.