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Elie Tahari stores locations in database: 33
Largest shopping mall with Elie Tahari store: Tanger Outlets - National Harbor/Washington DC 

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Elie Tahari is a brand of luxury clothing, which is named after a famous fashion designer of the same name. Elie Tahari was born into Iranian Jewish family, which emigrated from Iran to Israel and lived there in the transit camp. After a difficult childhood Elie Tahari decided at the age of 19, in 1971, to move to New York – although he began there as electrician, within a few years, he became a fashion designer with his own brand of women's clothing. Elie Tahari opened his first boutique on Madison Avenue in 1974, focusing only on women's fashion. Nevertheless, since then his activities have expanded and now he designs also menswear and accessories. Most people describe his clothing as a very stylish, tailored and upscale office-friendly. In 1997, Elie Tahari established collaboration with Andrew Rosen and together they founded the fashion label Theory. However in 2003, Elie Tahari sold his interest and he has devoted purely to his business - designing modern clothing to which in 2014 also added eyewear, home and the Elie Tahari Sport collection.

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Elie Tahari founded: 1974
Store locations:  about 600
Elie Tahari operates in 40 countries all around the world.