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Fanzz stores locations in database: 91
Largest shopping mall with Fanzz store: The Woodlands Mall 

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Do you want to buy clothes with the motif of your favorite sports team? So let´s go to one of more than 100 Fanzz stores, which can be found throughout the United States, mostly in the western part. It features a sports apparel and team gear and currently it is one of the largest sports apparel and merchandise providers in the US. Under Fanzz you can find merchandise from brands such as Reebok, Adidas, Nike and Majestic. Likewise, the company sells more than 60 licensed team and player gear from teams in the NBA, NFL, MLB, NCAA, and NHL sports leagues. So if you are looking for high quality sportswear, Fanzz is your right choice.

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Fanzz founded: 1985
Store locations: 121
Fanzz operates in 24 states of United States.