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Finish Line stores locations in database: 636
Largest shopping mall with Finish Line store: Westfield Annapolis Shopping Centre 

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The beginning of the American company that sells athletic shoes, apparel and related accessories is dated back to 1976. At that time, the three friends decided it would not be a bad idea to open a store where they could sell the latest and greatest styles of athletic footwear. Unfortunately, it quickly came out that this concept already operates under the name The Athlete's Foot (TAF) - thus the threesome decided to start a franchise under this brand, and finally opened their store. However in 1981, all three arrived at decision that they should rather open their own business - and the first Finish Line store was born! And ten years later there were already 100 of these stores. In 2003 the number reached on magical 500 stores and currently there are across the United States over 650! Finish Line strives to offer customers the best selection of premium brands and styles - delivering a relevant product assortment that connects with their customers' dynamic lifestyle. In the wide offer of quality goods is something both for men and women and children. From world-renowned brands, whose products can be purchased in Finish Line stores, it is worth mentioning Adidas, Nike, Lacoste, Puma and dozens more.

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Finish Line founded: 1976
Store locations: about 650
Finish Line operates in 47 American states.