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Great American Cookie Co. stores locations in database: 239
Largest shopping mall with Great American Cookie Co. store: Hanes Mall 

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Since the mid seventies, all lovers of delicious cookies can be sure that almost across the whole United States they will find plenty of places where they can really enjoy these dainties – in branches of Great American Cookies. The company was founded in 1977 and its first cookies were baked according to an old family recipe - and that's why they are apparently so good and popular. The first branch, which was opened in Perimeter Mall in Atlanta, still works, and if you long for a bit of nostalgia, you should surely visit it. From the simple recipe for one kind of cookies, the company has grown significantly for several decades and today it is possible to find branches of Great American Cookies at more than 290 locations, mostly in shopping malls. In addition to many kinds of cookies, such as Peanut Butter Supreme, Chewy Pecan or Original Chocolate Chip with M & Ms, you can also enjoy at Great American Cookies its great brownies and chocolate cakes. Despite the huge success the main objective of the company was never to be the largest in its field, but bake the very best and tastiest cookies. And Great American Cookies is really successful in it!

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Great American Cookies founded: 1977
Locations: about 290
Great American Cookies operates only in United States, mainly in the southeast.