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Haggar brand comes from Dallas, Texas, and for almost 90 years it has focused on the production and sale of men's clothing. The brand was founded by Lebanese immigrant, J. M. Haggar, who bought all material and arranged all sales of the first brand Haggar pants by himself – that pants bore the title "Keen Built". Haggar subsequently decided to follow the motto "Making a good product and selling it at a fair price", which paid off - within a couple of years Haggar had employed several hundred people. In addition to Haggar brand, nowadays the company also operates the brand LK Life Khaki and both companies use for its manufacture the polyester fibers made from recycled water bottles. Haggar Clothing is currently the number one on the US market in men's dress pants; in men's casual pants the company holds second place in popularity and sales. Haggar currently focuses on clothing collections for women too.

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Haggar founded: 1926
Store locations: 80
Haggar runs stores in United States and Canada.