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Hot Topic stores locations in database: 635
Largest shopping mall with Hot Topic store: Westfield Annapolis Shopping Centre 

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Hot Topic brand is loved not only by thousands of young people in United States but also around the world. The story of the brand began in 1988 in a small garage in Southern California. Success of sold clothing was so great that only a year later it was opened the first Hot Topic store. It was exactly the deal coveted by all who in ordinary shops looking for skulls, Crucifixes, pyramid spike bracelets and belts. A year later Hot Topic started to sell music media and the brand was labeled punks, geeks, weirdos, goths and rockers. A few years later, the brand enjoyed its first television advertising, began selling body jewelry and unveiled its website. Since then Hot Topic became more and more successful - launched new brand Torrid, Hot Topic Foundation was established and the first store in Canada was opened. Today, Hot Topic offers band-related apparel and accessories, licensed merchandise, and fashion apparel and accessories at more than 600 stores and online.

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The Hot Topic founded: 1988
Store locations: 600
The Hot Topic operates in United States and Canada.