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Johnny Rockets stores locations in database: 95
Largest shopping mall with Johnny Rockets store: Burlington Mall 

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Burgers from Johnny Rockets are loved by millions of people around the world! You have never tried it? Or even you have never heard about this brand? Oh, let´s go quickly through its history… In June 1986, it was opened the first branch Johnny Rockets by the founder of this company - Ronn Teitelbaum. In the mid-90s, Johnny Rockets got even in its first casino and at the same time it was opened the 100th store of this brand. Since about 2005, Johnny Rockets began expand abroad and opened its branches in the United Arab Emirates, at Philippines, Germany and many other countries. Today it is one of the most favorite hamburger and lots of other goodies sellers. In the Johnny Rockets menu, except hamburger you can also find salads, shakes, floats, many starters and for sure kids meals too. A few interesting things at the end: Every year Johnny Rockets sells 17 million of hamburger, 8 million pounds of french fries and 815,000 gallons of ice cream!

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The Johnny Rockets founded: 1986
Store locations: about 340
The Johnny Rockets operates in United States, Canada and 26 other countries worldwide.