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Largest shopping mall with Johnston & Murphy store: King of Prussia Mall 

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Johnston & Murphy is an US company which designs, distributes and sells shoes, leather goods and luggage. The company belongs to the company Genesco Inc. and its headquarter is located in Nashville, Tennessee. Johnston & Murphy sells its products via various distribution channels. The company traditionally sells a large part of its production through catalogues. Johnston & Murphy was one of the first companies to have fully mastered the possibilities of online sales. But it does not forget the classical way of sales - owns boutiques and department stores worldwide. Johnston & Murphy are among the footwear producers with the longest history. The beginnings of the brand dates back to 1860, to William J. Dudley Shoe Company. William J. Dudley was a British immigrant who opened a shoemaking workshop in Newark, New Jersey. William J. Dudley succeeded with the shoes that have a very long lifespan, which was at the end of the 19th century extremely important. William J. Dudley died in 1881, and the company's management undertook his companion Johnston. In 1884 William A. Murphy entered into the company, who was fascinated by the success of the original company. Johnston and Murphy quickly come to an agreement and become partners in the company. In 1895, Johnston sold his share in the company to the best merchant of the company. Herbert P. Gleason, however, very well aware of the importance of the brand in the business and therefore retaining the name Johnston in the company name. In 1996, Johnston & Murphy launched its website. Two years later, it opened his main store in New York - now they have almost 170 stores all around the world.

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The Johnston & Murphy founded: 1850
Store locations:  168
The Johnston & Murphy operates in United States, Canada, Mexico, Vietnam, India and Panama and ships to 90 other countries all around the world.