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The establishing of the brand Lane Bryant, a retail women's clothing store chain focusing on plus-size clothing, is a matter of Lena Bryant, who in the early 20th century had decided that (with her son) will be successful as a dressmaker. When Lena went to the bank to borrow money, the local clerk corrupted her name and wrote it as Lane - and so this is the origin of the name of the brand. Lane Bryant has focused on clothing for pregnant women who demanded the clothes in which they would feel comfortable but elegant too. In order to meet their requirements, Lena Bryant created a dress with an elastic waist and pleated skirt - this dress became the first commercial clothes for pregnant women. The brand Lane Bryant has been increasingly successful, not least thanks to mail order catalog but also because of its approach to customers, who in Lane Bryant were highly regarded. In 1999 the retail operations were sold to Charmin Shoppes which has expanded the chain of plus-size clothing stores and introduced online and outlet sales. Currently, Lane Bryant is not only the largest, but almost certainly the most popular store with plus-size clothing throughout the United States.

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Lane Bryant founded: 1901
Store locations: more than 820
Lane Bryant operates only in United States.