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Largest shopping mall with Littman Jewelers store: Green Acres Mall 

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Popular American retailer and producer of jewelry Littman Jewelrs has fallen under the company Fred Meyers Jewelrs since 1998. The parent company Fred Meyers Jewelrs can now boast the title one of the largest jewelrs in the US. Its history is longer than 100 years and thanks to the acquired know-how it can now offer its customers a first class service. In Littman Jewelrs you can find a wide selection of fine jewelry. Whether you look for a diamond bridal, an engagement jewelry, an unmounted diamonds or men's and children's jewelry, in more than 300 of its stores you can find everything. And much more. Littman Jewelry offers also watches from famous brands such as Citizen, Seiko and Pulsar. Besides stores you can buy all goods from Littman Jewelrs through its website. Littman Jewelrs is not only retailer, but also it is committed to responsibly mined and produced jewelry. Additionally, if you want have your jewelry really nice for a long time, bring them to Littman Jewelrs where they will be professionally cleaned and will shine like new.

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Store locations: more than 300
Littman Jewelers operates in almost all states in US.