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The Pendleton brand, with the full name Pendleton Wooden Mills, is a popular American clothing manufacturer. Pendleton focuses primarily on blankets and woolen clothing. Pendleton was founded by Thomas Kay, an English weaver who began to produce woolen products in Oregon. At the point where is the headquarters of the company currently. Since that, the company has undergone a significant boom, but still to this day it is a family-owned company that belongs to the sixth-generation of relatives of founder Kay. This popular clothing brand currently produces in seven factories, all located in the United States. Pendleton carefully monitors the entire process of production of their clothing - from buying wool over its processing to the production of a perfect finished product. Pendleton is also known for that often cooperates with famous brands - in the past it was for example Nike, O'Neill or Ariat. 

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Pendleton founded: 1863
Pendleton operates in United States, Europe, Japan, Korea, Canada and Australia.