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Largest shopping mall with rue21 store: Westfield Brandon Shopping Centre 

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“The freedom to be you is rue." Just like that the motto of the company Rue21 sounds! This company mixes with US fashion market since 1976 and currently under the brand falls another 7 sub-brands, so it's really a great brand. At the beginning it was not so and rue21 had overcome a long way to the position where it is today - at higher places of the most popular brands. rue21 offers individual, fresh and youthful style, which millions of people across the United States had fallen in love with. Brand still strives to keep up with the latest fashion trends and as it says: Our mission is to make fashion everyone's playground. Currently rue21 is the largest to fast-fashion growth retailer in the United States - you can buy clothes from this brand in almost 1,200 stores in 48 states. Rue21 stores can be found both in shopping malls and even in outlets and strip centers.

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Rue21 founded: 1976
Store locations: 1,191
Rue21 operates only in United States.