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Largest shopping mall with Timberland store: Orlando Premium Outlets - Vineland Avenue 

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The Timberland Company (Timberland in short) is an American manufacturer and retailer of outdoor clothing, focused mainly on shoes. The Timberland brand has in its portfolio footwear as well as watches, sunglasses, clothes and leather goods also. Although the Timberland brand was founded in 1973, its history began already in 1918. Back then Nathan Swartz, founder of the brand, began his shoe-making career as a stitching apprentice. In 1952 he bought a half of The Abington Shoe Company in South Boston; even three years later he had bought the rest of the company and employed his family. His business flourished from the beginning, but the real breakthrough came in 1973 when the company unveiled waterproof leather boots named Timberland. Since then the brand Timberland soared and currently holds at the top of the rankings in popularity among outdoor clothes and shoes. Currently, goods from the Timberland brand can be bought not only in stores but also via Timberland website.

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Timberland founded: 1973
Timberland runs several hundred stores in the US, but also in over 30 other countries worldwide.(85 store locations – United States, 18 store locations – Canada, 34 store locations – United Kingdom)
Main products: Outdoors wear, Footwear, Apparel (leather goods, watches, glasses)