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Largest shopping mall with Tommy Bahama store: Wrentham Village Premium Outlets 

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Two men and two women, Tony Margolis, Bob Emfield and their women, were in 80s thinking about to live forever on the beach and never leave it. From the mere lightning idea has with time became business plan within they created an imaginary man named Tommy Bahama. During the planning of his life to the latest details, all four almost unwittingly devised a new fashion style. How? It was quite simply, they just asked a single question: What would Tommy wear? In the early 90s, the two men discussed their intention with Lucio Dalla Gasperina and invented the upscale casual apparel, which consisted of printed silk shirts and tailored pants for refined island living. It did not take long time and first collection of men's clothing Tommy Bahama was alive – its aim was to transported people to an island state of mind and celebrated the best part of the week - the weekend. Since then, the fashion brand has expanded with a lot of other activities, among which is for instance women's clothing and accessories, home furnishing, beach gare or even Tommy Bahama´s own brand of rum, for which the brand collected numerous awards. Since 2003, Tommy Bahama falls under the company Oxford Industries and if you want to shop in stores TB, you can choose from more than 150 branches in 7 countries around the world.

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Tommy Bahama founded: 1980
Locations: 168
Tommy Bahama operates in United States, Canada, Australia, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore and United Arab Emirates.