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Largest shopping mall with Vera Bradley store: Mall of Georgia 

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Vera Bradley is a company founded in 1982 by Patricia R. Miller and Barbara Bradley Baekgaard. The action of these two ladies was caused by small story: it they were traveling together and noticed a considerable lack of feminine-looking luggage. Within a few weeks, these two women found a company Vera Bradley and started producing unique handbags and luggage. Initially, the women themselves took care of the entire company, including marketing and obviously they did it well - the fame of these handbags spread throughout the world within a few years. Since then, Vera Bradley managed to build a broad base of enthusiastic customers who every year look forward to the lovely handbags from the new collection. To the handbags, on which they always appreciate function and quality - these two features are also synonymous with Vera Bradley. Apart from Vera Bradley handbags, this company is also involved in charity, specifically in its own The Vera Bradley Foundation which supports Breast Cancer Research at the Indiana University Cancer Center. Every year, this foundation organizes its biggest fund-raising event called Vera Bradley Classic Women's Golf and Tennis Tournament in Fort Wayne, Indiana. An interesting conclusion for the end: name of Vera Bradley is actually the name of the mother of the company founder, Barbara Baekgaard. Vera Bradley was born in 1909 and since the founding of the company until her death (in 1990), she had worked for the brand as a sales representative.

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Vera Bradley founded: 1982
Store locations: about 150 (plus other 3,000 independent retailers worldwide)
Vera Bradley operates in 33 states of United States.