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Largest shopping mall with Wet Seal store: Tysons Corner Center 

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Favorite American brand of girls´ and young women´s clothing Wet Seal is distinguished mainly by offering low budget and economy priced brand name apparel. Originally, the brand was founded under the name Lorne's in 1962. The present name was acquired by accident - during a fashion show of the brand there was a model wearing special bathing suit and Lorne Huycke said that she looks like wet seal. Since 1990, therefore, we know this company as a Wet Seal. Almost 5 years later the brand bought over 200 Contempo Casuals stores from a major player in the fashion market, the company Neiman Marcus Group. Some of these stores were converted to Wet Seal stores and the rest created a new brand called Arden B. - during 2015, however, these stores began to close. Clothing by Wet Seal can be currently bought in more than 170 stores throughout almost the entire United States. Brand operates three mall-based chains of retail stores, which (along with the rest of its stores) offers clothing and accessories for teenage girls. If you don´t know about any nearby Wet Seal store you can also comfortably purchase Wet Seal´s clothes through company´s website.

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The Wet Seal founded: 1962
Store locations: 171
The Wet Seal operates in 42 states of United States.