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Windsor stores locations in database: 86
Largest shopping mall with Windsor store: The Oaks Shopping Center 

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Under the motto "To Create an Oasis that Inspires and Empowers Women" Windsor brand works since 1937 and puts on women in the most beautiful dresses and accessories, which even exist. In addition to the portfolio of Windsor is possible to find also classic clothing for women, such as various T-shirts, blouses, jackets, pants and boots. Windsor aim is to make women more beautiful and especially make them really feel nicer and have to be proud of themselves. With the change of fashion icon over the past 100 years Windsor has changed too and its goal has always been and will be offer women the latest fashion pieces of the latest trends. Behind the founding Windsor family Zekaria stands of which several generation currently own brand and taking care of it as its ancestors. Let´s try too, that being beautiful is really easy - just visit one of more than 120 stores throughout the United States, or simply choose and buy through the Windsor website.

Brands: Alex & Sophia, Blondie Nites, City Triangles, Masquerade, Morgan & Co., Sequin Hearts, Speechless, Symphony

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Windsor founded: 1937
Store locations: 123
Windsor operates in more than 25 states in United States.