Let's go to The Bon-Ton and Target - you will not regret it!

 Dec 19, 2014   Department Stores - miniseries

Into the department stores are going millions and millions of people every day - not only because of the favorable prices, but also due to the fact that you can find a quantity of goods on one place. After department stores like Dillard’s or Bloomingdales we have for you two more - The Bon-Ton and The Target. Why go inside them and what they offer, if you do not know it (even if it is very unrealistic)? Start reading!

More than a hundred years of tradition + quality goods = The Bon-Ton

The origins of department store The Bon-Ton began in 1898 with the opening of its predecessor in York, Pennsylvania. During that time a lot of things have changed and in these days you can find department stores The Bon-Ton in 23 states across the northern United States – in total, The Bon-Ton has over 270 branches.

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And for what you should go to The Bon-Ton? Mainly due to the great clothes and shoes that you can get there. Furthermore you can buy furniture, housewares, beauty products or jewelry. In addition to the sale of goods, The Bon-Ton also focuses on charitable activities - for example every time when customers use their The Bon-Ton card, The Bon-Ton under the Charge Against Breast Cancer sponsors The Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

Do you go to a department store The Target? No? You should!

In 1962 was opened the first department store The Target and since then grew to more than 1900 branches over the United States. Without exaggeration, we can say that perhaps there is no place in US where around is not at least one of The Target. Currently, The Target is second-largest discount retailer in the US after Walmart.

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In addition to classic The Target discount stores, in which you can find clothing, shoes, jewelry, health and beauty products, electronics and lot of other goods, you can also shop in PFresh - it was developed for general merchandise stores and include an array of perishable and frozen foods, meat, and dairy.

Another type of Target stores are hypermarkets SuperTarget and also CityTarget – the second one is focused primarily on carry groceries, prescriptions, cosmetics and clothing. A small-format version of larger Target of Super Target locations is TargetExpress. This type of store offers groceries, electronics, sporting goods and many others goods and covers an area of 1/6th the size of regular stores.

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