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Largest shopping mall with Target store: Les Galeries de la Capitale 

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For more than 100 years, North America is primarily home for Target stores, which offer a really wide range of goods - from clothing and accessories, electronics through furniture, food, movies to music, gardening supplies, shoes or sports equipment. After Walmart it is the second largest discount retailer in the US, and the beginnings of the establishment of the company dates back to 1902. Originally, however, the brand was named Goodfellow Dry Goods - under the name Target, the first store was opened in 1962. By the late 60s the company significantly expanded thanks merging with J.L. Hudson Company. At the end of the 70s and in 1990 it mushroomed by purchasing Mervyn´s and Marshall Field & Company. Currently Target employs over 340,000 people across the US and its motto is Expect More. Pay Less. In addition to classic discount store called Target, in the portfolio of this brand can be found also the hypermarket SuperTarget or small-format stores. For two years, Canadian branch of Target had run with 133 stores but in the spring of 2015, however, was closed. 

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Target founded: 1902
Store locations: more than 1,800
Target operates only in United States.