Where will stay the largest shopping mall in the USA? In Miami!

 Jun 14, 2015   General

The owner of the popular Mall of America in Minnesota wants build in the area Miami - Dade the largest shopping mall in the whole USA. It would occupy an area of 200 acres; the building would have cost over $ 4 billion. In addition to stores, there would also be a slope, Legoland and performances of sea lions. Does that seem like a dream? No, this is perhaps the near future.

Shopping mall as a hope for the economy and the unemployed

According to Carlos Gimenez, the mayor of Miami - Dade, the aim of investors (Triple Five) is to build a huge theme park, which will attract visitors from across the country and will provide thousands of jobs. This project should also support the troubled country's economy. For now there aren´t known details about the size of the project, but according to initial estimates this shopping center should be larger than the Mall of America.

It will be a really big project going beyond standard shopping malls which the first information about the structure of the entire project suggests. In the eastern part of the area should be seal show, in the western part the visitors will have the opportunity to enjoy a real ski slope. The northern part of the complex will offer submarine rides and in the southern part there will be ice-skating rink, waterpark and mini golf. It is planned for the construction of several hotels and apartments for rent.

This project is managed by the Canadian company Triple Five which is literally a pioneer in the construction of large and sophisticated shopping malls. One of its most important projects is the construction of Mall of America in Minnesota, which has more than 500 stores and which each year attracts about 42 million visitors. The Triple Five Company hope, that this project will be even bigger and more successful than Mall of America.

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