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Largest shopping mall with f.y.e. store: Southcentre Mall 

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The brand f.y.e. stands for "For Your Entertainment" and even if you did not know it, now it must be clear that it is engaged primarily in the sale and trading of CDs, DVDs, Blu-ray Discs, video games and books too. The brand f.y.e. falls under the company Trans World Entertainment. The first one of the f.y.e. stores was opened in the former Trumbull Mall in Connecticut in 1993. And it did not take a long time, the store had found its customers and its owner decided to expand to other cities and states in US. In 2001, the parent company Trans World opted for a rather significant re-branding, which had touched the brand f.y.e. too. Under its name were unified all of mall-based retail stores owned by Trans World, and also many freestanding locations. A similar redesign was realized in 2006. Nevertheless f.y.e. not focus only on expansion, unfortunately, also this brand was forced to close several stores - in 2009 it closed more than 100 stores, and three years other 52. Currently, you can buy goods from f.y.e. through their websites too.

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Official f.y.e. page: www.fye.com

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f.y.e. founded: 1993
f.y.e. operates only in United States.