Woodfield Mall will live to see a new interior during this year!

 Mar 01, 2015   General

Renovation of the shopping mall would cost nearly $ 14 million and could be completed, in accordance with current information, in the course of this year. One of the main adjustments will be the removal of the original bricks from which the shopping center was built in the seventies. Instead of bricks will be used new ceramic tiles. Visitors will also enjoy two new elevators, modern glass railing, one large-capacity elevator and escalators.

Renovation of shopping mall will be really large; there will be also replaced all floors. Despite the fact that the project concerns the whole mall, it won´t be closed. It is a very popular and frequently visited tourist attraction, which is why all the renovations will be under way with the full functionality of the shopping mall. Of course with the greatest regard to customers and their comfort.

It isn´t the first renovation which is going on at Woodfield Mall. One renovation have gone through before twenty years ago when were added another wing of building; to it were subsequently placed stores Lord & Taylor, Nordstrom and other specialty stores. And eleven years ago was liquidated popular fountain with aquarium and waterfall.

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