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Converse is a popular American brand producing not only athletic footwear but also an apparel. The hallmark of shoes of this brand and also the logo has become a five-pointed star. Originally, the more than 100 years ago, the company was called Converse Rubber Corporation (Converse by the founder Marquis Mills Converse) and engaged in the production of galoshes and rubber work boots. However, sales were profitable only part of the year, so the company began to look for ways how to produce rubber boots and sell them all year long. The choice was made on athletic shoes which is goods popular regardless of the season. In addition, at that time basketball became a popular sport in the USA and M. M. Converse offered its shoes to basketball players. In 1917, the first basketball shoes All Star were produced, in natural brown color and with black hem. During the World War II Converse shoes were even used by the US military during military exercises. In 2003, Converse was bought by Nike and since then Converse is Nike´s subsidiary company. Currently, you can buy anything from Converse not only in hundreds of stores worldwide, but also on their website.

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Converse founded: 1908
Converse operates in more than 160 countries all around the world.