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Almost a hundred years of history is written by Zales company, which was founded in Wichita Falls, Texas. The aim of the founders (Morris Zale, William Zale and Ben Lipshy) was to provide customers first class merchandise, but also for maximum favorable price. With this in mind, they opened their first Zales store, within which they held the idea "a penny down and a dollar a week" and thanks this they could offer higher priced products to everyone. Not only because this they became successful, also friendly service and dedicated employees were the reasons why customers returned back to Zales. In 1941, Zales owned 12 stores not only in Texas but also in Oklahoma. Although Zales started as a brand selling jewelry alongside appliances and cameras, over time it grew into an international jewelry corporation and currently it is the largest fine jeweler in retail shopping mall across North America. Zales main goal was and still is to offer customers a wide range of choices for mainstream jewelry. And Zales certainly isn´t just jewelry retailer, the brand even itself designs its own jewelry. In its offer you can find a wide variety of classic and contemporary styles and not only because this Zales is popular among thousands of people – its popularity is even so big that no other jeweler in North America sell as many diamonds as Zales. However, diamonds are not the only thing to which Zales focuses - its offer includes gold, cultured pearls and extensive wedding jewelry selection. In addition to more than 700 stores, you can now buy Zales jewelry also through their websites.

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Zales founded: 1924
Store locations: 717
Zales operates in United States and Puerto Rico.